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Kumbh Mela Experiment

22 Apr 16 20 May 16

More than 60 million pilgrims are expected to gather in Ujjain for Kumbh Mela (Simhastha). Such huge religious confluences are vulnerable to stampedes and other accidents. In order to address this issue, a research grant has been made available by the Indian Department of Electronic and Information Technology (DEITY) and The Netherlands Scientific Research Organization (NWO) together with the contributions from the industry (i.a. TATA, Tech Mahindra) for the joint Indo-Dutch research project on pervasive communications and computing: “The Kumbh Mela experiment: measuring and understanding the dynamics of mankind’s largest crowd”.

One of the research goals is to understand crowd dynamics (early signs of unrest in the crowd and to discover so-called tipping points in the collective behavior) and develop crowd management solutions. This is done by studying completely new Big Data analytics on the sensor to address data and information resulting in large-scale computer simulations. This can then be played later to better understand the reasons for panic and prevent disorder and rush in the future.

To facilitate this research, a unique collaborative Indo-Dutch research camp has been set up at Ujjain in mela area. The research team will be part of the huge crowd in studying an area of ​​3000 hectares. The team will execute various data collection and experimentation tasks using numerous devices such as sensors, drones to specially designed tracking devices and head-mounted cameras on hundreds of volunteers, who will assess the dynamics of the crowd as "living sensors".

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

22 April, 2016 - 20 May, 2016