Embassy, Consulate-General, Consulates and NBSO's, India

Workshop on Registration & Certification of varieties of seed potatoes

8 Jun 16

One day workshop focussing on “Exploring institutional settings and economic impact of increased commercial registration of varieties and certification of seed potatoes in India.”

The Indian seed potato industry is probably the largest in the world with an annual use of approximately 3.2 million tons. Having a growing season of seed potatoes in India from October to January gives India a competitive advantage over other seed exporting countries from the northern Hemisphere. But due to certain factors the growth of the seed potato industry is limited & these factors needs a review. A workshop is being organized on 8th June 2016 to address the following issues:

  1. Commercial Registration of foreign varieties aimed at increasing the genetic base of potato in India.

  2. Official certification of seed potatoes aimed at improving and guaranteeing seed health.

  3. Exploring the possibilities of exporting the seed potatoes to the other countries.

The focus of the workshop is to address the mentioned issues and come out with an idea that acts as “win-win” for the entire potato value chain. Following are a few entity-wise benefits: 

  1. Seed growers have available more healthy seed leading to higher yields and lower costs.

  2. Consumers and processors have available, a wider range of varieties fitting more tastes, more environments, more processing qualities, more resistances to pests and diseases and less susceptible to degeneration over generations.

  3. The value chain will be enhanced considerably, also of interest to state and central revenues.

The workshop is jointly organized by the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, New Delhi, Netherlands Agro Food & Technology Centre (NAFTC-India) and the scientists of Wageningen University.

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JW Marriott, Chandigarh

8 June, 2016