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The Netherlands Children’s Film Festival

14 Nov 16 15 Nov 16

The Netherlands is known for its Children films, most of the films are screened all over the world including at Major International Film Festivals. At “The Netherlands Children’s Film Festival” seven Dutch children’s films will be shown. The festival starts on the 14th of November, to celebrate Children’s Day.

The Netherlands Children’s  Film Festival is organised by The Kingdom of the Netherlands – New Delhi, Eye International, Pune Film Foundation, with the support of National Film Archive of India – Pune and MIT School of Film and Television – Pune. The Festival will be inaugurated on November 14th at 11.00 am by Ms. Dominique Kuhling, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Netherlands Embassy in India.

The opening film of the festival is “The Little Gangster”, directed by Arne Toonen, has won four international awards. The story is about the young boy Rik and his father. Rik and his father are persistently bullied, but when they move to another town, Rik is determined to change this. He tells everyone that he is actually the son of a Mafia boss. This lie will bring Rik and others into trouble.

In the document you can find detailed information and the invitation for the event.

National Film Archive of India- Law College Road, Pune

14 November, 2016 - 15 November, 2016

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