Embassy, Consulate-General, Consulates and NBSO's, India

Do's and Dont's

India is comprised of many different areas, which all require a different approach. It is wise not to enter all different regions at once. Do this in several steps.

Starters in the Indian market often have no clear picture of the scale of the Indian industry. Many Indian companies are active in various areas and have many thousands of employees. However, a diverse package usually says nothing about the quality of the company.

Personal relationships

Doing business in India is dominated by maintaining personal relationships. Trust is an important part of Indian culture. The average Indian businessman speaks good English, and is often educated in the West. An important fact is that the shaking of the head in Indian culture does not mean ‘no’, It’s just a sign of understanding.

Experience Stories

Consider a multi-year approach. Those Dutch companies that have had success in the Indian market before did not achieve this within one or two years. It took a lot of energy and time. Some examples can be found in the document “Opportunities & Challenges in the Indian Market. Lessons learned from Dutch companies in India.”

Tips for doing business in India

  • Forge a personal relationship with your Indian business partner. Do this by getting to know his business and visit his family.
  • Respect the hierarchical Indian attitude. Also note that this makes that Indian people are sometimes wary of taking initiative.
  • Take on an open and flexible attitude.
  • Consider bureaucratic delays in your schedule
  • Consider commitments as binding only if they are written on paper
  • Let the company be researched by a professional agency before entering into an official partnership