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Orange Carpet Visa Facilitation

The Embassy of The Netherlands in New Delhi can facilitate companies whose employees require business visas for the Netherlands: The Orange Carpet Visa Facility (OCVF).

Benefits: Employees of registered companies can apply in an easier way

  • The applicant does not have to apply for a visa in person
  • Exemption from carrying a confirmed flight reservation, insurance, hotel reservation or proof of financial means
  • The applicant will be granted a visa with a validity ranging between 6 months to 3 years.
  • No prior appointment is desired. A walk in facility at VFS is available

Eligibility: The following are eligible for participation:

  • Dutch companies that have a subsidiary in India or vice versa and whose employees travel frequently to The Netherlands for business purposes
  • An Indian company having a long term business relationship with a company in The Netherlands.  

Registration Procedure: By  filling up the preliminary form and sending it to the consular department by email to:


The request should contain information about the company in India, the partner company in The Netherlands and the branch of activity. If the company qualifies, the management of the company will receive a letter in which the company is requested to designate one-three persons of the company who have the authorization to sign recommendation letters. All visa applications which contain a letter signed by one of these designated signatories will get the Orange Carpet Visa Facility (OCVF) treatment

How to apply for a visa under OCVF? A walk in facility at all VFS centres is available from Monday – Thursday between 0900 – 0930 hrs. The authorised representative must submit the following:

  • A filled in and signed visa application form
  • A passport valid longer than 3 months after the desired visa period and with at least two blank pages to insert the visa sticker
  • 2 passport size photographs (recent & coloured)
  • A letter of the company, signed by one of the designated signatories
  • Visa fee as applicable     

 A processing time of five working days should be taken into account.

OCVF does not cover: If a person desires to stay longer than 90 days (long stay visa) within the Schengen area or The Netherlands for business purposes, the short term visa is not valid. For this purpose one has to apply for a permit for provisional sojourn (or MVV), which will be processed through the Embassy or Consulate General, but decided upon by the Immigration and Naturalisation Services (IND) of the Ministry of Justice in The Netherlands.

For more details pertaining to the MVV procedures please visit the website of the Ministry of Justice www.ind.nl

The Orange Carpet Visa Facility does not cover family members or travellers accompanying the employee for tourism or other purposes.