Embassy, Consulate-General, Consulates and NBSO's, India

Sectors & Opportunities

The Dutch government has designated nine top sectors in which Netherlands in an international perspective excels in knowledge, development and innovation. We focus on those sectors that are booming in India and/or provide opportunities for Dutch businesses in the area of trade and economic cooperation.

The Indian agricultural sector can be seen as a success story. Yet, India currently finds itself at a crossroad, as reforms and new technologies are urgently required to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

India’s energy mix is dominated by fossil fuels (70%), of which the large majority is imported (53%). Nonetheless, the share of renewables is growing rapidly.

The Indian healthcare sector, growing at a rate of 15% is expected to touch $250 billion by 2020. In the last two decades, India’s health system has undergone a major transformation from being a loosely knit, social sector supported by the Government to $60 billion industry.

The Indian water sector offers a complex mix of opportunities and challenges for Dutch companies.

The Indian eCommerce sector has seen unprecedented growth over the past few years.

Logistics is a fragmented industry, as it consists of different subsectors: road, air, rail, sea and infrastructure.

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