Embassy, Consulate-General, Consulates and NBSO's, India


Entrepreneurial minds in India

It is my pleasure to introduce to you a limited selection of Dutch and Indian initiatives that can be considered to be prime examples of the added value brought to both countries by ambitious, innovative, pioneering, entrepreneurial minds.

Having an international outlook opens up many opportunities, but making optimal use of the characteristics of both countries and their economies, and building a bridge to utilise those characteristics, takes courage and requires an open mind.

By connecting the collective Indo-Dutch knowledge with the people of both countries, results can be produced that one country or entrepreneur could not, perhaps, achieve. Both the Dutch and Indian business environments are fertile for the growth of innovative approaches towards the great challenges of today and tomorrow: How to deal with an increasing demand for (clean) energy? How to increase efficiency in our food chain? How to stay healthy and lower healthcare costs? How to become and stay competitive internationally?

The initiatives described on this webpage have addressed and looked past known challenges and obstacles in doing business, and they prove that the statement ‘when cultures meet, innovation is triggered’ rings true. I applaud these efforts and I’m convinced that these stories will inspire many others to do the same!

Alphonsus Stoelinga
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in India