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Getting started in India: Best Practices

It's not always easy for companies to start business in India. However, there are many examples of companies that did find their way in the Indian market and have now successfully positioned themselves. There are a number of success stories to be told of Netherlands' based companies with growing and profitable business in India 

These stories can reveal some insights into how they managed to set up their business, the problems they faced and how they succeeded in overcoming them. These stories will tell you that sustaining success in India requires a long-term approach and a reasonable threshold of enterprise size and investment levels. But most importantly: that adapting and being patient will pay off in the long run.

To provide guidance for companies in expanding their business to India, we wrote down eight of these stories. You can find them in the booklet Oppurtunities & Challenge in the Indian Market: Lessons Learned. The booklet offers you insights in possible strategies and 'best practices'. Apart from that, the booklet also provides a useful checklist of of India Business Advice, which can serve as a guide for you first steps in the market.

You can find an overview of all Dutch companies that are already doing business in or with India here. Of course we try to keep the list up to date. It can occur that some of the information is outdated though, for which we excuse.