Embassy, Consulate-General, Consulates and NBSO's, India


The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands invites applications for the post of Liaison on contract basis.

Job Details India is the second largest producer of fruits. But productivity is relatively low. In the coming years, the Indian government plans to replace existing orchards for temperate fruit trees. This will increase the demand for Indian apples, but also pears, cherries and walnuts. The Netherlands has the knowledge and technology to support India in this process. To position the Netherlands in this sector in India a cluster of Dutch companies and institutes signed a covenant with the Dutch Government. A liaison officer will be appointed and contracted by the Netherlands Embassy for the specific period of the covenant to facilitate this cluster. Attached a more detailed job description. How to Apply Interested Candidates could apply to the e-mail address below, enclosing a personal statement and a curriculum vitae. Wouter Verhey Agricultural Counsellor for India & Sri Lanka e-mail address: rima.rai@minbuza.nl Last date for submission of application: 06 February 2017



General information

On November 14th, 2016, a cluster of Dutch companies and knowledge institutes and the Netherlands Entreprise Agency (RvO.nl) in The Hague signed a covenant as part of the "Partners for International Business (PIB) program.

India is the second largest producer of fruits and contributes to ten percent of the global fruit production. In the coming years the Indian government plans to replace existing orchards that will increase the demand for temperate fruit trees, in more particular the apple, but also pear, cherry and walnut. Through the covenant, the consortium expects a great opportunity to create a significant market position in India. The focus will be on sustainable positioning of the Dutch approach in the Indian fruit sector providing solutions to challenges such as implementing state of the art production techniques in combination with virus free planting material, food security, health, food quality and reducing loss. Also promoting knowledge exchange between Dutch and Indian research institutes will contribute to developing sustainable relationships. Mr. Jan Neele will act on behalf of the cluster of companies as a coordinator.

Doubling food production in the next five years
The cluster consists of a combination of eight companies (Verbeek Nurseries, Nursery Westhof, Neele Export, AgroHolland BV, Vissers Plant Innovators, Fruvo BV, Rootstrock BV and Nursery Fleuren) and one research institute (Wellantcollege). The cluster will work together to position the Netherlands as a knowledge partner for the production of plant material and corresponding farm level post-harvest handling techniques (storage, packing, sorting and processing). The partners will jointly share their knowledge with Indian institutes and expect to generate more business with India. Towards this goal, activities such as trade missions, matchmaking, knowledge activities and presence at fairs are organized. This partnership will work closely in corporation with the Dutch Agriculture Department at the Embassy in New Delhi.

Partners for International Business (PIB)
The Netherlands Entreprise Agency (RVO) executes the program Partners for International Business as commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Agricultural Counsellor of the Netherlands Embassy in India represents the RVO for all activities implemented in India under this PIB ‘ Dutch Hortifruit Partnership for India’.



In order to position the Netherlands sector and the cluster, gain market access and support the cluster, a liaison officer will be appointed and contracted for a specific period of the covenant by the Agricultural Counsellor of the Netherlands Embassy in India.


Job Description:

  1. Conducting a stakeholders analyses and needs assessment:


  • Assessing business opportunities for the Dutch fruit industry;
  • Understanding the structures of the specific segments and define relevant contacts Finding out the constraints in respect to rules and regulations and also in relation to technical problems regarding production and come up with possible solutions;
  • Identify all key events in the segments.


  1. Facilitating contacts;


  • Compose a database, which contains all relevant contacts in the Indian fruit chain, to be shared with the Embassy;
  • Long term relationship with the relevant contacts in the fruit industry, based on the stakeholders analysis, with whom business for the fruit cluster can be created.


  1. Offering support to the Group;

Deliverable: The liaison will provide business oriented support to the cluster, such as:

  • Prompt and adequate communication to PIB members. Mail response within 24 hours (except holidays/weekend).
  • Periodical market updates and reports (see also F);
  • Suggest and facilitate in the establishment of meetings between the cluster and relevant contacts;
  • Provide strategic input to the group and Agricultural Counsellor for decision making on events to attend, activities to organise, organisation to approach, and any other additional information not yet covered by the needs assessment & stakeholders analysis
  • Professional and expertise – led representation of the cluster; proactive use of Holland Branding materials.


  1. Assisting the Agricultural Counsellor.


  • Based upon a pre-set schedule, the liaison supports the Agricultural Counsellor in all relevant activities with regard to the promotion of the total fruit sector.


  1. Preparations of the PIB activities.


  • Provide all necessary input to the Agricultural Counsellor / RVO/ PIB coordinator to ensure efficient decision making with regard to the organisation of events under the PIB program. This includes:
    • Providing an overview of relevant events;
    • Requesting quotations and cost information regarding exhibitions, road shows, visits etc;
    • Advising on possible modalities;
    • Coordinate with PIB members;
    • Organise and assist in organising all kind of PIB activities;
    • Accompany the missions and roadshows of the cluster.


  1. Planning & Reporting.


  • Every month the liaison will compose and distribute a newsletter containing market updates (See C as well) and an overview of cluster activities.
  • Support the annual planning of activities of the cluster,
  • Every month the Agricultural Counsellor and the PIB coordinator will review the liaison work and discuss the way forward for the next period.


  1. Job requirements

Experience and knowledge

  • Knowledge about the agricultural sector of India, specifically about the fruit tree sector in the temperate climate zone,
  • Knowledge of the fruit tree sector in Europe in general and in the Netherlands in particular,
  • Proven experience in organization of seminars, workshops, trade missions etc.
  • (Practical) Experience with import rules and regulations of planting material.



  • A good and relevant network at the Central Government in Delhi and the State Governments of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand.
  • A good and relevant network in the fruit tree sector of the temperate climate zone in India (private sector, branch organizations etc),
  • A good and relevant network in the fruit tree sector in the Netherlands,


Education and languages

  • Fluent in English and Hindi. Basic knowledge of Dutch will be considered an advantage.
  • Master degree or Bachelor degree in the field of (specify study)


Competences and skills

  • Good writing skills (reports, invitations, speeches, newsletters, presentations etc)
  • Analytical, market oriented and vision-minded
  • Networker, social and team-player
  • Entrepreneur (self-starter, works independently) and result oriented
  • Communicative and convincing