Embassy, Consulate-General, Consulates and NBSO's, India

Political Affairs and Public Diplomacy

The Department of Political Affairs and Public Diplomacy of the Dutch Embassy is working to broaden and deepen the relationship between the Netherlands and India.

The department has three main tasks: (1) tracking, analyzing and reporting political developments in India to policymakers in The Hague, (2) the design and implementation of cultural cooperation between the Netherlands and India in the field of modern culture and shared cultural heritage, (3) managing the press and media relations and organizing activities in the field of public diplomacy.

Political Affairs

The embassy is following political developments in the field of domestic and foreign policy, the relationship between central and local governments in India, and new policies in various fields such as public security, migration and social policy and the development of the legal framework.

Important aspects of Indian society, including media freedom, democratization and human rights are also getting attention. The embassy coordinates its efforts with other EU member states.

Maintaining contacts with the Indian government, research institutions, scientific institutes including "think tanks" and other embassies in New Delhi and relevant institutions and organizations in policy, is the responsibility of the political department. This includes contacts with international and national organizations and NGOs working in India.

Finally, the department provides support for official visits of delegations from the Netherlands. This includes delegations of ministers, parliamentarians and government officials.

Cultural cooperation

Cultural policy is an integral part of Dutch foreign policy. The policy focus in India is cooperation in the fields of design and architecture. The DutchDFA program aims to improve the international position of the most prominent sectors of the Dutch creative industry.

The department is also active in the development of cooperation between the Netherlands and India in the fields of shared cultural heritage. There are many historical monuments in India, archives and artifacts, mostly dating from the VOC era.

Media and Public Diplomacy

The department also manages the press and media relations and organizes activities in the field of public diplomacy. The embassy and Consulate General in Mumbai organize various events where media are invited. If you are interested in registering your contact details to the press invitations, please contact the department.

The Embassy and Consulate General promote a realistic and positive image of the Netherlands, there where The Netherlands is relevant to India.

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Ms. Dominique Kuhling

Deputy Ambassador and Head Department of Political Affairs and Public Diplomacy

Ms. Petra Smulders

First Secretary- Department of Political Affairs and Public Diplomacy

Mr. Jan-Jaap Gerards

Second Secretary Political Affairs

Mr. Muhammed Afzal

Sr. Policy Advisor

Ms. Ila Singh

Sr. Policy Advisor

Ms. Neha Rawat

Secretarial & Administrative Officer

E-mail: nde-ppc@minbuza.nl
Tel: +91 11 24197600
Fax: +91 11 24197710

At the Consulate General in Mumbai:

Ms. Lalana Patil

Sr. Public Affairs Officer

E-mail: bom-pcz@minbuza.nl
Tel: +91 22 22194200
Fax: +91 22 22194230