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Science & Technology

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has posted Officers for Science & Technology in several cities across the world. The Netherlands office for Science and Technology (NOST) in Delhi has been active since 2005. In 2012 we opened an office in Mumbai as well. The S&T Counsellors gather information about R&D activities in their respective countries from relevant government bodies, knowledge institutes, universities and companies. It is our goal to find joint opportunities and to create Indo-Dutch cooperation in the field of R&D and Innovation from which both countries can benefit.

R&D in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country with few natural resources. It has to create wealth by developing and applying knowledge and has been very successful in creating a knowledge economy. The Netherlands is ranked 4th globally when it comes to scientific publications per capita, and ranked 2nd place in international citation impact). Innovative activities in the country have firmly placed The Netherlands amongst the worlds leading countries in patent registration (5th).

The country’s five largest multinationals - Philips, Shell, Akzo Nobel, DSM, and Unilever - are at the forefront of industrial research and development. These companies have strong R&D presence in India. Moreover the Netherlands is also host to innovative clusters of small and medium sized enterprises. The Ministry of Economic Affairs actively encourages the business sector to collaborate with India on R&D.

Key technologies

In the context of European developments and the European Research and Innovation Area, The Netherlands has strong ambitions to boost the Dutch knowledge economy and strengthen the country’s leading position in Europe.

The Dutch Innovation approach, called the Topsector has selected key technology areas where the Netherlands has a leading position and should increase its expertise. Our international cooperation with India is focused on these key technology areas: sustainable energy, food& nutrition, water, creative industries, life sciences & health, high-tech systems & materials.

If you have any questions related to innovation in The Netherlands and possibilities for R&D collaboration please contact us.

Mr. Ir. Jelle Nijdam                  

Counsellor for Science and Technology

Mr. Martijn Lammers

Attaché for Science and Technology

(Consulate-General of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Mumbai)

Mr. Vikas Kohli Senior Policy Officer
Ms. Akanksha Sharma Policy Officer

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