Embassy, Consulate-General, Consulates and NBSO's, India

International Cultural Cooperation

The government of the Netherlands has outlined its international cultural cooperation policy (ICCP) for 2016. The government opted for an increased focus and structural cooperation with local partners, driven by demand from abroad. Therefore, the guiding principle of the ICCP is that cultural institutions and artists are responsible for shaping their own international activities abroad. The ICCP focuses on the following objectives:

- Enabling leading Dutch institutions to operate at international level in order to cement their image at that level;
- Helping Dutch artists and institutions to occupy a leading position on the international market. Dutch cultural institutions, artists and designers need foreign clients if they are to operate successfully. This applies to all (main) segments, subsidised or otherwise. An appearance at prestigious locations and events raises audience awareness and thus the likelihood of success;
- Strengthening Dutch economic interests by emphasising the connection between culture, trade and the economy;
- Cultural diplomacy: using the arts and culture to benefit foreign relations. Music, dance and architecture are all forms of cultural expression that tell a story and show the Netherlands in a different light, allowing people to relate to the country in a new, perhaps more personal way. In this way culture generates new relationships and mutual understanding.

The Netherlands attaches great value to its cultural relations with India, therefore the Embassy network in India has the opportunity to fund projects promoting these cultural relations. There is a modest budget for ICCP available, which for the most part will be allocated towards enhancing the international market position of the following priority sectors:

- Architecture
- Dutch Design focussing on industrial, sustainable and product design
- Gaming
- Film and photography

Embassy support aims to connect Dutch architects, designers, game makers, photographers and the film industry to their Indian counterparts. Either party can apply for funding. If you or your organisation complies with the abovementioned criteria, it is possible to apply for by sending in a project proposal. Project proposals can be sent to NDE-SMRP@minbuza.nl.

Please note: only English-language project proposals will be taken into consideration. Subject line of mail should include the reference ‘Project Proposal International Cultural Cooperation’.