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Programmes – Small Scale Support Program

The Dutch government has set up a Small Scale Support Program (SSSP) to support projects in countries with which the Netherlands does not have a development cooperation relationship, such as India. Through the embassies, contributions are made to strengthen the capacity of local NGO’s and to implement their projects. Based on the policy letter “Justice and Respect for all” of the Dutch government the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands primarily seeks to partner up with local organisations working on the following four focus areas:
1.    Equal rights for women, focused on political participation and prevention of violence against women
2.    Equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT)
3.    Business and human rights
4.    Freedom of religion and belief

Due to the size of India and in light of the limited financial capacity, the Embassy has identified a number of focus states which are: Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Delhi. Organizations which are located in other states can still apply, however are less likely to receive funding.

Examples of projects supported by the Embassy:
Women on Wheels
In 2015 the Netherlands Embassy supported the Azad foundation with their project Women on Wheels, which strives to empower women. The foundation started in 2008 in Delhi, since there were hardly any professional female drivers. The women who participate in the program are taken through a long and comprehensive course, only part of which is the driving. Another key aspect is comprehension of women’s rights, and the third aspect is personal empowerment. The three components together are supposed to make the women empowered drivers who are also able to take care of their own lives.

SIDART is working towards bringing about improved and more gender-sensitive local governance by empowering women elected representatives in their respective villages. The women are climbing the ladder towards complete empowerment and are better equipped to improve the overall status of women in their localities. This involves progress in areas including health, education and employment.

SPACE is working in the areas of health, livelihood and human rights of the LGBTIQ community since the year 2001. Its mission is to empower marginalised individuals and communities to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunities and achieve optimal and sustainable health and development. The project is built upon the needs and aspirations of a segment of the LGBTIQ community in India who seek social acceptance by mainstreaming them through employment and work. Thereby, it also aligns with the agenda of large scale skill development of youth with focus on areas of digital training.

The Embassy receives a large number of project applications, whereas the available budget is sufficient to support only a very limited number of projects. To ensure the application process happens in a transparent way, some guidelines are set.

Organisations applying for funding must first and foremost comply with the following criteria, namely:
•    The project must aim to improve at least one of the abovementioned focus areas.
•    The applicant must fulfil all legal obligations under Indian law (including but not limited to the regulations under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)).
•    The applicant is preferably a local organisation, although Dutch and international organisations are, in principle, also eligible for funding.
•    Applications can only be submitted in English, and in the format provided.

Projects that are non-eligible for funding under the SSSP are the following:
•    Humanitarian aid;
•    Activities that are primarily motivated by a commercial interest;
•    Projects with a predominantly academic focus, i.e. feasibility studies, research, etc.
•    Projects that exclusively or largely include the delivery of goods or materials;
•    Infrastructural or construction projects;
•    Bursaries;
•    Activities that are a repetition of previous projects;

Application process
Provided that your organisation complies with the above mentioned criteria and is eligible, you can fill in the following application form. The Embassy will only accept these application forms, which have been sent via NDE-SMRP@minbuza.nl. Proposals can be sent throughout the year. Within 6 weeks after sending in the application, you will hear if your project proposal will be considered for funding. If you receive a positive response from the Embassy on your application form, you will receive a more elaborate form to fill in, containing more details about the proposed project and your organisation. After having received a positive response back on the second form you can expect to receive a grant from the Embassy SSSP.



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